Forfeits and Vacated Games


10/29/1920 - Pleasant defeats Morral by forfeit (no details)


01/24/1924 - Caledonia forfeits 24-6 victory over Pleasant (Ward Sharrock ruled ineligible - scored 1 point)


1924/25 - Morral forfeits to Agosta in the Consolation game of the Marion County Tournament (no details)


12/18/1931 - New Washington forfeits versus Holmes-Liberty due to not returning to the court after the 1st quarter, down 4-10 with a 4-0 foul margin


12/13/1940 - Upper Sandusky forfeits vs Fostoria due to not returning to the court with 3 minutes left and the game tied 36-36.  Fostoria had been called for 16 fouls versus Upper Sandusky’s 18.


1942/43 - Upper Sandusky defeats Willard by forfeit (no details)


02/04/1949 - Greenwich forfeits vs Wakeman due to not returning to the court with 5 minutes left, down 36-41.  Greenwich later suspended by OHSAA Commission H.W. Emswiler.


1949/50 - Old Fort defeats Bloomville by forfeit (no details)


12/01/1951 - Findlay forfeits 52-34 victory over Bellevue (17-year-old Freshman Dave Miller ruled ineligible as Findlay High School only had 10th-12th grade and Miller had a different Principal attending Findlay Glenwood Junior High - Miller had lost two years of school after suffering severe injuries in an automobile accident)


12/14/1951 - Findlay forfeits 40-19 victory over Tiffin Columbian (See 12/01/1951)


12/21/1951 - Findlay forfeits 73-28 victory over Marion Harding (See 12/01/1951)


01/04/1952 - Findlay forfeits victory over Fremont Ross (See 12/01/1951)


02/09/1953 - Caledonia forfeits 56-41 victory over LaRue in Marion County Tournament (Paul Layman moved from Martel mid-season - scored 2 points) [may have forfeited up to 3 regular season games as well]


01/13/1956 - Whetstone forfeits 62-56 victory over Tiro (Donn Knowlton not eligible until 01/24/1956 - scored 21 points)


12/16/1958 - Bellville forfeits 52-50 victory over Lexington (Dick Gehrisch not eligible until 01/20/1958 - scored 12 points)


02/09/1962 - Hopewell-Loudon defeats Bloomville via forfeit as Bloomville schools were closed due to excessive flu illnesses (over ¼ of school out) and Seneca County League decided to count as forfeit victory for league standings


02/16/1962 - Tiffin Calvert forfeits 69-45 victory over Lakota (two reserve team players exceeded game limit after participating in this game - specific players not named - four players appeared in their only box score this game, 3 scoring 0 points and 1 scoring 3 points)


11/30/1962 - Galion forfeits 71-36 victory over Bucyrus (transfer Bill Martin ruled ineligible - scored 20 points)


12/01/1962 - Galion forfeits 44-42 victory over Madison (transfer Bill Martin ruled ineligible - scored 15 points)


02/25/1964 - Sandusky St. Mary forfeits 73-64 victory over Lakota (Ron Maschari - 28 points, Tom Camella - 6 points and Rod Feydelem - 2 points ruled ineligible after playing in an independent game)


02/04/1972 - Gibsonburg forfeits 81-68 victory over Lakota (Don Williamson - 2 points and Steve Krotzer 0 points ruled ineligible after playing an exhibition game at the school on 01/27/1972)


01/18/1985 - Sandusky St. Mary forfeits 80-55 victory over Tiffin Calvert (Kevin Armstrong declared ineligible due to playing in a CYO game in Bellevue on 12/09/1984)


01/26/1985 - Sandusky St. Mary forfeits 78-59 victory over Norwalk (Kevin Armstrong declared ineligible due to playing in a CYO game in Bellevue on 12/09/1984)


02/26/1999 - Villa Angela-St. Joseph forfeits 72-56 victory over Mansfield Senior (unknown ineligible player)


01/26/2001 - North Baltimore forfeits 85-65 victory over Bettsville (no details)


02/02/2001 - North Baltimore forfeits 89-82 victory over Tiffin Calvert (no details)


02/09/2001 - North Baltimore forfeits 77-73 victory over Seneca East (no details)


02/12/2005 - Cory-Rawson forfeits 74-50 victory over Bettsville (no details)


02/19/2008 - Elyria First Baptist forfeits Sectional Tournament game to Mapleton by not competing


12/06/2008 - Orrville forfeits 85-42 victory over Cleveland John Marshall (unknown ineligible player)


03/15/2011 - Harvest Preparatory forfeits 58-48 victory over Wynford in Regional Tournament (Harvest Preparatory forfeits entire season due to multiple infractions)


03/14/2012 - Whitmer vacates 40-32 victory over Norwalk in Regional Tournament (Whitmer vacates 2011 football and 2011-12 basketball seasons after 17-month investigation concerning transfer student eligibility - OHSAA concluded LeRoy Alexander was ineligible to participate)


02/14/2014 - Mansfield Senior forfeits 61-53 victory over West Holmes (Donovyn Benson ruled ineligible due to grades - scored 16 points)


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