Last Years of Northwest District Schools (1964/65 Current)

Year     School [County] (What Happened)

2016/17 Fostoria St. Wendelin [Seneca] (Catholic)

2013/14 Bettsville [Seneca] (Absorbed by Old Fort)

2009/10 Libbey [Lucas] (Toledo City)

1991/92 Mendon-Union [Mercer] (Absorbed by Parkway)

1990/91 DeVilbiss [Lucas] (Toledo City)

1990/91 Macomber [Lucas] (Toledo City)

1988/89 Malabar [Richland] (Mansfield City)

1987/88 Ohio City [Van Wert] (Absorbed by Van Wert)

1979/80 Spencer-Sharples [Lucas] (Toledo City)

1975/76 Sylvania [Lucas] (Split into Northview and Southview High Schools)

1973/74 Wapakoneta St. Joseph [Auglaize] (Catholic)

1971/72 Celina Immaculate Conception [Mercer] (Catholic)

1970/71 Blue Creek [Paulding] (Wayne Trace Consolidation)

1970/71 Grover Hill [Paulding] (Wayne Trace Consolidation)

1970/71 Oakwood [Paulding] (Absorbed by Paulding)

1970/71 Payne [Paulding] (Wayne Trace Consolidation)

1969/70 Attica [Seneca] (Seneca East Consolidation)

1969/70 Republic [Seneca] (Seneca East Consolidation)

1968/69 Bloomville [Seneca] (Absorbed by Tiffin City)

1968/69 Deshler [Henry] (Patrick Henry Consolidation)  

1968/69 Gomer [Allen] (Absorbed by Elida)

1968/69 Green Springs [Sandusky] (Absorbed by Clyde)

1968/69 Hamler [Henry] (Patrick Henry Consolidation)

1968/69 Malinta [Henry] (Patrick Henry Consolidation)

1968/69 Ridgeville aka Ridgeville Corners [Henry] (Absorbed by Archbold)

1967/68 Berlin Heights [Erie] (Edison Consolidation)

1967/68 Elmore [Ottawa] (Woodmore Consolidation)

1967/68 Grand Rapids [Wood] (Absorbed by Otsego)

1967/68 Milan [Erie] (Edison Consolidation)

1967/68 Thompson [Seneca] (Absorbed by Bellevue)

1967/68 Woodville [Sandusky] (Woodmore Consolidation)

1967/68 York [Sandusky] (Absorbed by Bellevue)

1966/67 Lyons [Fulton] (Evergreen Consolidation)

1966/67 McClure [Henry] (Absorbed by Napoleon)

1966/67 Metamora [Fulton] (Evergreen Consolidation)

1965/66 Cridersville [Auglaize] (Absorbed by Wapakoneta)

1965/66 Fulton [Fulton] (Absorbed by Metamora as part of Evergreen consolidation)

1965/66 Westwood [Wood] (Absorbed by Bowling Green)

1964/65 Alger [Hardin] (Upper Scioto Valley Consolidation)

1964/65 Buckland [Auglaize] (Absorbed by Wapakoneta)

1964/65 Chesterfield [Fulton] (Absorbed by Lyons as part of Evergreen consolidation)

1964/65 Florida [Fulton] (Absorbed by Napoleon)

1964/65 Harrod Auglaize [Allen] (Allen East Consolidation)

1964/65 Lafayette [Allen] (Allen East Consolidation)

1964/65 McGuffey [Hardin] (Upper Scioto Valley Consolidation)

1964/65 Roundhead [Hardin] (Upper Scioto Valley Consolidation)

1964/65 Townsend [Sandusky] (Absorbed by Margaretta)

1963/64 Assumption St. Mary [Fulton] (Closed)

1963/64 Beaverdam [Allen] (Absorbed by Bluffton)

1963/64 Glandorf [Putnam] (Ottawa-Glandorf Consolidation)

1963/64 Northeastern aka Jewell [Defiance] (High School renamed Tinora still Northeastern School District)

1963/64 Ottawa [Putnam] (Ottawa-Glandorf Consolidation)

1962/63 Bellville [Richland] (Clear Fork Consolidation)

1962/63 Butler [Richland] (Clear Fork Consolidation)

1962/63 Holmes-Liberty [Crawford] (Wynford Consolidation)

1962/63 Mt. Victory [Hardin] (Ridgemont Consolidation)

1962/63 Mt. Zion [Crawford] (Wynford Consolidation)

1962/63 Nevada [Wyandot] (Wynford Consolidation)

1962/63 Ridgeway [Hardin] (Ridgemont Consolidation)

1962/63 Union [Richland] (Crestview Consolidation)

1961/62 Forest [Hardin] (Riverdale Consolidation)

1961/62 Mount Blanchard [Hardin] (Riverdale Consolidation)

1961/62 Olney [Wood] (Replaced with Northwood)

1961/62 Vaughnsville [Putnam] (Absorbed by Columbus Grove)

1961/62 Wharton [Wyandot] (Riverdale Consolidation)