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Welcome to the ever growing website dedictated to the history of boys high school basketball and the schools of North Central Ohio. Version 3.0 incorporates a change to using CoffeeCup HTML editor and a full rebuild of the site. Hopefully it will be cleaner, smaller files and easier to maneuver.

Special thanks to the coaches who have been providing (or had their staff provide) detailed game results for the 2019/20 season: Craig Taylor, Paul Roeder, Dane Held, Mike Smith, Marty McKenzie, Brett Seidel, Chris Sheldon, Craig Martin, Taylor Iceman, Don Worstell, Ben Snively, Rodney Brown, Brian Vorst, Eric Picklesimer, Jamie Young, Dave Sheldon, Mike Mathey, Chris Long, Jared Thomas, Tim Mergel, Marquis Sykes, Eric Sweet, Joe Bedingfield, Ed Rich, Ryan Fretz, Kurt Habermehl, Eric Hoover, Nick Withrow, Chris Powell, Dan Strasser, Paul Dunn, Dave Pellerite Rob McCurdy article

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